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We invest in inspiring innovations driven by true entrepreneurs. Let's accelerate the productization to make a global impact. Together we are the ecosystem where great ideas can fly. In this ecosystem the resources will scale to meet the growing demand.

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Our portfolio companies.

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Arctic Security

Helping you with Threat Intelligence based Cyber Defense.

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Cyber Security Made Easy.

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Cyblem exports the Finnish nation-wide approach to cybersecurity.

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Cyber capability fabric

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Always know if your network leaks.

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Enabling governments and businesses to communicate securely using consumer devices and popular messaging services.

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Xiphera protects your critical systems by designing security directly into hardware.


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"At HowNetWorks we experimented on how to empower netizens to hold on to their net neutrality. We are happy that this experimental spirit kicked off the ScanABC Security Startup Test Drive. Our tech and people gave birth to two new ScanABC startups where the story now lives on. You can also find the narrative and tech behind our free services from GitHub and Medium." -- Ossi & Jukke, founders